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E-Blast: **Foster Parent Training Hours Due Tomorrow**

December 20, 2018 4:22 PM

Dear CPA Providers:
Remember that the deadline for the 2018 mandatory 15 hours of Continued Parent Development (CPD) is quickly approaching. By close of business tomorrow, each program must review & submit the summary screen in GA+SCORE so that OPM can enter the training logs into GA SHINES. Programs whose logs are not submitted will receive a Corrective Action Plan and have their homes suspended to new placements in order to maintain IV-E compliance and federal funding.
Please use the GA+SCORE screen described below to meet this reporting deadline. You must enter a number (or 0) for each foster parent in order to submit the screen.
BY 12/21/2018
Click the "CY 2018 Training Hours" link at the top of the Foster Home Roster screen to see a list of all homes open this year (including homes that transferred to another provider). For each foster parent:
  • The column "2018 Approval" indicates whether the home opened this year (these caregivers may have pro-rated training targets).
  • The column "Hours Reported" shows the total number of hours your program has already reported on the Annual Training screen under the green Members tab.
  • The column "Completed" allows you to verify the reported hours and, if necessary, to quickly correct the total to include hours that have not already been reported to GA+SCORE.
The "CY 2018 Training Hours" screen is a one-time occurrence as we are attempting to meet the federal requirements of having all homes approved prior to December 31, 2018. It is our expectation that beginning January 1, 2019, foster parent training hours will be entered on the Annual Training screen under the green Members tab as they are completed.
If you have questions about policy, including the number of required hours for specific caregivers, please reach out to your resource maintainer at OPM. If you have questions about using GA+SCORE to report hour totals, email the administrators at
Thank you.
The Office of Provider Management