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E-Blast: SAFE Deployment -- Update

July 22, 2019 3:24 PM

Greetings CPA Providers,

The Office of Provider Management (OPM)  received an update on the Division’s deployment of the SAFE Model within our SHINES system that is scheduled to occur on August 24, 2019. OPM is requesting that all re-evaluations be submitted by August 16, 2019. As a friendly reminder, we’ve updated content that was sent via GA+SCORE on July 10, 2019 to refer to the process in which homes will be processed by the OPM Resource Development Unit:

All re-evaluations processed after August 16, 2019 will have to utilize the SAFE Model. OPM is requesting all re-evaluations due on or before August 31, 2019 be submitted by midnight on August 16, 2019 to allow time for processing.

For all initials / “new” families, providers are allowed to utilize the traditional process until September 30, 2019.  As of October 1, 2019, the entire state of Georgia will be required to utilize the SAFE model only.  In regards to processing of initial “new” families, below is the following process to ensure that all prospective foster homes that are currently in progress are processed in the “traditional” format before the implementation of the SAFE Model. Please adhere to the following steps to ensure that prospective homes are processed under the “traditional” approval process:

  • Complete the initial inquiry process in GA+SCORE for each prospective family;
  • Send an email to with a list of all of the prospective families that were entered into GA+SCORE system.

*Please note that CPS Screenings should be submitted immediately to ensure the Safety Unit has ample time to process accordingly. *


The Office of Provider Management