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E-Blast: PBP GA+ScoreCard Release - FY2020 Quarter 1

November 14, 2019 5:16 PM

Dear Providers,
The Performance-Based Placement (PBP) 1st Quarter scorecards are now available through your GA+SCORE accounts. To view your reports, log into GA+SCORE and click on the orange Reports tab. For this quarter, providers have links for (a) the Q1 GA+SCORECARDs, (b) the Child Data reports, and (c) the Staff Training reports. Reports for last fiscal year have been moved to the Archived Reports tab.
Details for all measures are available in the "FY 2019 RBWO PBP Measurements and Standards Guide", available on under Key Documents & Forms. For FY2020, the calculation of the Safety Review average changed, to include four quarters rather than eight. No other measure or scoring changes were applied.
Remember that FY2020 uses the adjusted measures related to staff records and training. The requirement to complete 24 hours of training annually (pro-rated) will be applied in Q4, using the training hours you've reported during the fiscal year. As in FY2019, all training hours must be reported to GA+SCORE by the reporting deadline for the quarter in which they are earned. The requirements for timely reporting of staff data, including new staff roles, timely registration for Foundations e-learning, and timely completion/waiving of Foundations, have not changed.
If you have questions about scores from monitoring visits, reporting data to GA SHINES, RBWO policy, or how quarterly PBP scores are used by DFCS, please contact your specialist at OPM. If you have questions about accessing reports, reporting data to GA+SCORE, or about specific calculations on your scorecards, please contact Care Solutions (
Thank you.
The Office of Provider Management