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E-Blast: PBP Reporting Deadline -- November 2019 Data

December 6, 2019 11:17 AM

Dear Providers:

December 10th is the deadline for reporting November's PBP data into GA+SCORE and Georgia SHINES.

Scoring guides are posted on the website under Key Documents and Forms: the FY2020 RBWO Minimum Standards and the FY2019/20 RBWO PBP Measurements and Standards Guide. No provider-reported measures changed in FY2020.

A few reminders as you complete your reporting:

  • The count of staff training hours required for PBP is based on the fiscal year. Hours are not rolled over from previous fiscal years.
  • If a staff person at your agency changes from an RBWO role that does not require PBP annual training hours to a role that does, please use the "Role End Date" field and select "Reassigned within agency" as the reason, before adding a new record with the updated RBWO role and role start date. Reporting role changes correctly ensures that you do not lose points on the PBP Staff Training measure.
  • Providers must ensure that the SHINES Person ID that appears beside the child's name on your SHINES roster is correctly copied into GA+SCORE in order for you to receive credit for data you report into SHINES. Only one attempt is made to import each month's visits: if the correct SHINES Person ID is not listed in GA+SCORE at the time of the monthly import, visits for that month will not be retrieved later in the contract year.
  • Visits/contacts reported into SHINES - such as ECEMs, general contacts, and permanency contacts with parents - must have the correct purpose and narrative type in order to be credited for PBP. Only approved visits are imported to GA+SCORE.
  • Remember that you must report training hours by the end of the quarter in which they are completed; e.g., hours completed in August must be reported to GA+SCORE by October 10th.
  • EPSDT medical appointments must be entered into GA+SCORE for your Scorecard to calculate those measures and they must meet the schedule printed in Minimum Standard 6.2.
  • Specialty ILP/TLP providers must report for ILP/TLP measures as well as for CCI measures. (These measures apply only to specialty programs, not to all CCIs and CPAs caring for older children.) ILP/TLP-specific screens include the ILP/TLP Roster under the orange Rosters tab, and the ILP/TLP screen under each child's blue Placements tab.

If you have questions about policy, including PBP measures, please contact OPM. If you have questions about reporting data to GA+SCORE, please contact Care Solutions.

Thank you,

The Office of Provider Management