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E-Blast: Guidance for the administration of the SAFE Q2 tool

April 14, 2020 2:54 PM

Dear CPA Providers:

The SAFE method is research-based and best practice warrants face-to-face administration of the Q2 and Update tool. Flexibility will be allowed for virtual administration of the Q2 tool due to current COVID-19 pandemic restrictions. Every effort must be made to ensure the SAFE method is adhered to as closely as possible using the guidelines below. Once the ‘shelter in place’ and ‘social distancing’ restrictions are lifted, the expectation is the virtual administration will cease and that we return to the administering the tool as it is intended.


  1. The assessor will complete a virtual visit with the family to include use of cameras to ensure direct verbal and visual communication with all caregivers. Q2 documents will not be shared with caregivers in advance.
  2. If at all possible, the assessor will use fillable forms that can be submitted directly to the assessor rather than being saved by the caregiver on their own device and then emailed back to the assessor. Microsoft fillable forms utilizing Sharepoint are an example of this method. 
  3. If the assessor cannot arrange to utilize the preferred method above, the assessor may inquire about the family’s ability to print out the Q2 and scan it. If so, the document should be emailed to the family once the virtual visit begins.
  4. For either scenario, the Q2 should be provided to each caregiver after the virtual visit begins, the individual caregivers should complete the Q2, sign and return it while remaining on the virtual visit, and individual interviews would be conducted in the same virtual visit once the assessor receives the completed document(s.)
  5. As a last resort, the Q2 form can be read by the assessor to each caregiver separately and individually via the virtual call with the assessor marking the caregiver response
  6. In cases where there is difficult obtaining a caregiver signature(s) the assessor will email a separate signature page to the applicant(s) to sign and email back to the assessor.
  7. Documentation should indicate the following: This visit was completed virtually via ________ due to COVID-19 pandemic restrictions. The {Q2/Update form} was administered describe specific method and an interview(s) took place with _________________.
Thank you.
DFCS Placement & Permanency Services