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E-Blast: Update: Staff CPS screenings

August 28, 2020 4:32 PM

Dear Providers:

Thank you for your patience as we worked to implement the new processes for CPS screenings for RBWO staff and for non-RBWO staff. This email provides updates effective 8/28/2020. The changes affect (1) ongoing/annual CPS screenings for current staff, (2) CPS screenings for potential staff, and (3) all background checks for non-RBWO staff.

(1) Effective immediately, providers are able to submit all of their employee screenings to the IONS teams. This process replaces the requirement to submit a CPS Screening Request via GA+SCORE. However, providers do not have to re-submit requests that have already been submitted through GA+SCORE.

How to submit: You can include both RBWO and non-RBWO staff on one Excel spreadsheet (download the template here) that should be submitted to Ami Perryman: In the email, please be sure to include the general purpose of the screening (i.e., Pre-employment screening, annual employment screening, etc.). We can commit to returning the results within 10 business days. The spreadsheet will indicate “yes” or “no” for if the applicant has substantiated CPS history. We will not be providing a summary of CPS history. The provider should upload the returned spreadsheet in GA+SCORE as the CPS results.

We anticipate having the full IONS portal up and running by mid-September and providers will go back to submitting their screenings through our website.

(2) Note on potential staff: Effective immediately, you do not need to add potential staff to GA+SCORE in order to request a CPS screening. Use the process above. If you have already entered potential staff in GA+SCORE, simply notify when you have made your hiring determination and are ready to update their hire dates or remove them from your Staffing list.

(3) Note on non-RBWO staff: Finally, background checks for non-RBWO staff (those with RBWO Role "N/A") should not be reported to GA+SCORE. The safety checks should still be completed and maintained in the staff's physical record. No further checks can be uploaded for these individuals; however, previously uploaded files will remain available on the Staff >> Profile screen.

If you have questions about the policy surrounding background checks and staff records, please contact your monitoring team at OPM. If you have questions about using GA+SCORE to report staff and background checks, email the support team at

Thank you.