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E-Blast: PBP GA+ScoreCard Release - FY2020 Quarter 4

October 16, 2020 5:26 PM

Dear Providers,
Thank you for your hard work and flexibility during the spring of 2020, as Georgia's foster care network adjusted to the impact of COVID. The Performance-Based Placement (PBP) 4th Quarter scorecards are now available through your GA+SCORE accounts. To view your reports, log into GA+SCORE and click on the orange Reports tab.
For this quarter, providers have links for:
  2. Child Data reports
  3. Staff Training reports
  4. Staff Training Detail (Annual) report
In Q4, the "Staff Training and Foundations" measure includes all staff who worked at least 60 days in any quarter in FY2020 in addition to all staff who worked at least one day in Q4. Staff who did not complete their required (pro-rated) hours for the year are deducted from the Q4 measure score even if they did not work any days in Q4.
Use the Staff Training Detail (Annual) report to see the total hours completed and reported timely ("Hrs Trng"), the pro-rated hours required based on hire & leave dates ("Hrs Req'd"), and whether the staff person completed the training component ("Completed (Y/N)").
Remember that reports for previous fiscal years can be accessed at
If you have questions about the impact of COVID on your scores or about scores from monitoring visits, reporting data to GA SHINES, RBWO policy, or how quarterly PBP scores are used by DFCS, please contact your specialist at OPM. If you have questions about accessing reports, reporting data to GA+SCORE, or about specific calculations on your scorecards, please contact Care Solutions (
Thank you.
The Office of Provider Management