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E-Blast: MAAC Placement Records in GA+SCORE

December 10, 2020 2:41 PM

Dear Providers:
You are receiving this email because your RBWO program has had at least one MAAC-coordinated placement in the past year. Please be aware that the process for reporting MAAC placements in GA+SCORE has changed.
What's new: If you have a placement that is already open and then becomes MAAC-coordinated mid-placement, or if MAAC coordination ends mid-placement, you can now make that change directly in GA+SCORE. Go to the youth's blue Placements >> Placement Details screen and update the "Placed through MAAC" checkbox. When you save the screen, the status will update and the color of the resident's name on your roster will change. It's no longer necessary to forward those requests to
What's the same: For each new admission, you should still indicate whether the placement is coordinated by MAAC at that time.
If you have questions about using this new feature, please contact us at
Thank you.