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E-Blast: Reminder: GA+SCORE site maintenance today, 4 PM

September 7, 2021 1:21 PM

Dear providers and state users:

GA+SCORE will be unavailable beginning at 4 PM today. Normal site access will resume by Wednesday morning. Be sure to save your work and exit the system prior to 4 PM today.

As part of this update, we're changing the look of GA+SCORE to make it easier to use (including on phones & tablets). You'll see changes everywhere, but nothing is moving from its current screen: you'll find all the same items on the same screens, although you may need to look up, down, or to the right.

One change you'll notice immediately is the updated navigation. When you click on a tab — such as the orange Profile tab for providers — it will open a list so that you can pick the screen you want. This replaces the "ribbon" design that displayed the screen names in a darker row underneath the tab.

Tomorrow morning you'll receive the updated user manual with screenshots that reflect the new design. We may continue to make small adjustments to the appearance of screens based on user experience. 

CPAs, please be aware that the green Profile >> Addenda screen is changing to make it possible for OPM to request revisions to an addendum after you submit it. This is addressed in the updated user manual.

If you have questions about the updates after Wednesday's launch, please reach out to us at We appreciate your patience with this project and we hope you enjoy using the new GA+SCORE.

Thank you,