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E-Blast: Provider Placement Matching Call: Wednesday, Dec. 1 at 11:30

November 30, 2021 11:54 AM

Dear MWO Providers,

Please join us on Wednesday, December 1st at 11:30 for a placement match meeting for 3 youth in need of placement. Click here to join the meeting.

Youth:  E. S.
DOB:  9/1/2006 (15 y.o.)
County:  Catoosa
Program Designation:  MWO

Synopsis of the youth:  Youth has been in a hotel for several weeks without any behavior problems.  She wants attention from adults, and she is usually well behaved. It is important to her to feel like she is being heard.  She cannot have contact with her bio family as they are not able to care for her, but they let her think she can come home.  She needs to be supervised with internet use as she previously contacted strangers.  Youth attends school with no current difficulties being reported.  She has an IEP.
Other info:  Redirection to another room or area to calm down seems to work best. When she is upset; that is not the time to remind her of her coping skills she will only escalate.  Having said that, her current case manager has been successful in having frank conversations and outlining appropriate behavior.


Youth: A. C.
DOB: 5/26/2005 (16 y.o.)
County:  Murray
Program Designation:  MWO

Synopsis of the youth:  Currently in detention center with release in early December.  She appears to be more stable.  Prior to going to the detention center, she displayed verbal and physical aggression to sitters and case manager, running away and located with adult male.  She needs experienced caretakers and treatment providers on her team.  She requires supervision plan for social media use and running behaviors.
Other info:  She responds well to structure and rewards.  Per Court Order:  She cannot have unsupervised contact with any males due to the multiple allegations she has made previously against adult and male peers.


Youth: M. R.
DOB:  8/25/2004 (17 y.o.)
County:  Cherokee
Program Designation:  MWO

Synopsis of the youth: Youth is a foster care re-entry/failed adoption. The adoptive parents and she has a very strained relationship and there is no visitation/contact currently. She is a transgender male to female youth.  She is a teenager discovering her sexuality and she does not always uphold appropriate boundaries. Because of this, she does have strict internet access/social media restrictions. However, she desperately wants to feel like a “normal” teenager and enjoys going to public school (and is overall a good student). She can be domineering and manipulative in attempts to get what she wants. She craves a lot of attention and if she feels she is not receiving it, this is what can trigger certain behaviors. However, she is also a personable and likeable youth. She enjoys fashion and being creative. This youth’s diagnoses are as follows: ADHD, PTSD, and DMDD.  She currently is on the following medications: Strattera, Abilify, Lexapro, and Trazadone.
Other info:  Youth has a very involved support team:  CM, CASA, CSI, BA and a therapist.

Thank you.
Care Coordination Treatment Unit