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E-Blast: OPM Monitoring Visits Memorandum and ACR Instructions -- Update

January 10, 2022 3:25 PM

Dear Providers:
As you know, OPM has modified the way in which Annual Comprehensive Reviews are conducted to ensure the safety of everyone involved. The records review portion of the Annual Comprehensive Review are being completed via GA SCORE using files uploaded by providers. See the October eblast and memo here.
Effective January 2022, there are two changes to this process:
  1. From the start date of the review, the provider now has five business days, not two, to upload the requested files. This change is reflected in the alert emails sent to providers on the morning the review begins.
  2. The description field is now required for each uploaded file. Please assist OPM in their review by uploading only items requested as part of the ACR and by clearly identifying which items are included in each file.
If you have questions about your Annual Comprehensive Review, please contact the monitoring specialist conducting the review. If you have questions about uploading files into GA+SCORE, please email
Thank you.
The Office of Provider Management