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E-Blast: Update: Staff CPS background check (replacing CPSIS/CAR)

July 17, 2020 3:16 PM

Dear Providers:

Effective Monday, July 20, 2020, the CPSIS/CAR Screening process for staff in RBWO roles will be updated. Instead of using, please submit a request for a CPS Screening via GA+SCORE. This is an interim process pending further DFCS system enhancements.

Note that for potential hires, you will need to add them to your Staffing list in order to submit this request via GA+SCORE. If you later decide not to hire the individual, or if you need to update an agency hire date / role start date based on the results, please contact Care Solutions at Again, this is an interim process and we appreciate your cooperation.

Like the previous CAR screening, these should be completed within 30 days prior to a new hire or 30 days prior to the staff person's anniversary date with your agency.

To request a CPS screening, complete the form (posted online at Then follow the process shown in this linked screenshot (new screen available 7/20/2020):

1. Upload the completed form using the "Request a CPS Screening" link on the purple Staff >> Profile screen in GA+SCORE.

2. The file appears in the "CPS Request History" section of the screen. GA+SCORE will automatically notify the CPS Screening Unit that a file is available for review. For this reason, you cannot delete a form; if you need to correct an error, upload another copy.

3. The CPS Screening Unit will upload the results of the screening to GA+SCORE. Your Current GA+SCORE Reporting Contact (set by your program on the orange Profile >> Contact Information screen) will be notified along with the individual who uploaded the most recent CPS screening request for that staff person.

If you have questions about compliance with the RBWO Minimum Standards or your RBWO contract, reach out to your monitoring team at the Office of Provider Management.

If you have questions about the CPS request process not answered on, email

If you have questions about using this screen in GA+SCORE, or setting your Current GA+SCORE Reporting Contact, email Care Solutions at

Thank you.

The Office of Provider Management