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Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding foster care, providers, and RBWO in general.
Where are the key documents for current providers?
Can I log into GA+SCORE?
How do I log into GA+SCORE?
What is GA SHINES?
For CPAs: How do I remove a foster home member in GA+SCORE?
What is the Care Coordination Treatment Unit (CCTU)?
Do I need a user account for GA+SCORE to submit a waiver or placement assistance request?
What is the Universal Application and Placement Referral Form?
How do I contact CCTU?
How do I search for the best available placement match?
Where can I find a list of county DFCS offices?
How do I submit a hoteling waiver request?
How do I check the status of my waiver/placement assistance submission (Submission Tracker)?
How do I become a foster parent?
How do I log into GA+SCORE?
What is
What is RBWO?
Who is the Office of Provider Management? How do I contact them?
What's the first step to becoming an RBWO provider?
Do I need an RBWO contract to become a provider?
What is a CCI?
What is a CPA?
What is an ILP or TLP provider?