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Becoming an RBWO Provider

Private agencies can contract with the Office of Provider Management to provide Room, Board & Watchful Oversight services in Georgia.

Become a Provider

Room, Board and Watchful Oversight (RBWO) is the program administered by the Office of Provider Management (OPM), implemented on 7/1/07. RBWO is the provision of lodging, food, and the attentive and responsible care of children. OPM is committed to ensuring that each child has a safe place to live, adequately nutritious meals and continuous watchful oversight to ensure basic safety needs are met.

The following outlines the variety of program designations for Child Caring Institutions (CCI) and Child Placing Agencies (CPA):

CCI Program Designations:

  • Base
  • Additional Watchful Oversight (AWO)
  • Maximum Watchful Oversight (MWO)
  • 2nd Chance
  • Maternity
  • Independent Living Program (ILP)

CPA Program Designations:

  • Traditional
  • Base Watchful Oversight (BWO)
  • Maximum Watchful Oversight (MWO)
  • Specialty Base Watchful Oversight (SBWO)
  • Specialty Maximum Watchful Oversight (SMWO)
  • Specialty Medically Fragile Watchful Oversight (SMFWO)

Providers maintain responsibility for the provision or acquisition of services to ensure that each child’s physical, social, emotional, educational/vocational, nutritional, spiritual/cultural and permanency needs are met.

Children are placed in the best oversight environment based on their behaviors and characteristics, known as the Difficulty of Care Factors. Four main areas of a child’s life are assessed to determine the best placement.

RBWO reimbursement rates were established and became effective on July 1, 2007. Rates typically increase based on the amount of oversight required to provide a safe and stable environment for the child. In certain circumstances, a higher rate than the fixed rate may be required, therefore, a waiver process has been established.

  • School Adjustment
  • Performance in Home Environment
  • Social and Community Activities
  • Health and Developmental Factors
The Office of Provider Management identifies counties and/or regions in Georgia where new provider services are needed and the specific services required:
  1. Child Placing Agency (CPA) - All regions
  2. Independent Living Program (ILP) - All regions EXCEPT 8 (Muscogee area) and 13/14 (metro Atlanta)
  3. Pregnant and Parenting Teen Program (Second Chance -- learn more at - All regions
  4. Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children (CSEC -- learn more at Georgia Cares) - All regions
OPM is not currently accepting applications for other service types. See page 2 of the linked PDF for a regional map of the state.

The following information sheets outline the process for agencies seeking to obtain a RBWO Provider contract with the Department of Families and Children Services (DFCS) as a Child Placing Agency (CPA), Child Caring Institution (CCI), or specialty Transitional Living Program (TLP)/Independent Living Program (ILP). Click on the appropriate information sheet below.

  • CCI New Provider Information Sheet
    As Georgia implements the Family First Prevention Services Act, OPM is considering CCI applications ONLY for programs offering specific services: Pregnant and Parenting Teen Programs (Second Chance -- learn more at and Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children (CSEC -- learn more at Georgia Cares). If you are able to provide these services, please contact LaShaunda Daniel for more information.
  • CPA New Provider Information Sheet
    OPM is working on a new application process for CPA providers. CPAs are also required to train staff in SAFE home assessments. Click here for the most recent training sessions.
  • TLP/ILP New Provider Information Sheet
    The updated TLP/ILP application process will open in September 2020.
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