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About Us

Room, Board and Watchful Oversight (RBWO)

Room, Board and Watchful Oversight (RBWO) is Georgia's out-of-home care program managed by the Office of Provider Management (OPM). RBWO aims to provide a safe, comfortable room, adequately nutritious meals and oversight to ensure a foster child’s basic safety needs are met. RBWO providers who are under contract must meet a distinct set of minimum standards.

The Office of Provider Management

The Office of Provider Management (OPM) is located in the state office building at Two Peachtree Street in Atlanta. OPM works with DFCS Case Managers, families, and current and potential RBWO providers who provide Out-of-Home Care. OPM is responsible for administering the RBWO program and monitoring contracted providers for their performance in the program.

Care Coordination Treatment Unit (formerly PRO Team)

CCTU is a state office function responsible for the facilitation and management of high-end, complex cases of youth in foster care. Its mission is to empower the Division, its youth/families, and partners through education and collaboration; ensuring a holistic and systematic approach to address the behavioral, emotional, medical, and therapeutic needs of Georgia's youth.

OPM and CCTU focus on supporting providers and aids DFCS Field Operations by:

  • Holding providers accountable for the care of children through monitoring and site visits
  • Approving and suspending (as appropriate) DFCS private foster care agencies
  • Scoring providers on their performance
  • Forecasting child program needs and soliciting new programs
  • Developing, measuring and enforcing provider contract deliverables
  • Mediating provider concerns
  • Approving waivers and placement assistance requests
  • Working with non-contracted providers to provide services as needed
  • Supporting data systems such as GA+SCORE and Georgia Shines
  • Acting as a liaison to DHS & DFCS for provider and child placement initiatives and concerns