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Office of Provider Management (OPM) 

The OPM Staff Contact List is at the back of the RBWO Minimum Standards, updated each year and posted under Current Providers >> Key Forms & Documents. This list includes OPM Leadership, the Monitoring Teams, and the Risk Management/Training Team.

Questions about unassigned foster homes should be directed to the on-duty Resource Developer.

RBWO Foundations

For support with Foundations, please send inquiries to

Care Coordination Treatment Unit (CCTU)

For program designations & specialty waivers or placement assistance needs, please send inquiries to Individual staff are listed in the CCTU Staff Contact List.

Other DFCS Contacts -- Organizational Charts and Directories

Care Solutions

Care Solutions is here to provide technical assistance for this website,, and the GA+SCORE system. Please contact us at, or call Care Solutions at 770.642.6722 or 1.800.227.3410 and select 1, then 3, to reach the GA+SCORE support team.


For assistance with the SHINES Provider Portal, contact the Georgia SHINES Help Desk at 1-888-910-1030 or via email at You may also reach out to for assistance with user accounts. For help with your SHINES Roster, contact your County DFCS office, starting with the Case Manager; then if needed the administrator; then if needed the County Director. If help is still required beyond that, please contact and be sure to CC: your OPM Monitoring Manager, so he/she remains in the loop of communications and can assist as needed.

Performance-Based Placement Score Disputes

As noted on the form under Key Documents & Forms, contact if you have a quarterly score dispute. A response will be provided within 10 calendar days. Please contact OPM or Care Solutions (see above) if you need scoring clarification ahead of disputing your ScoreCard.

SMILE (Payment System)

For help with the SMILE payment system, contact SMI at 1-800-553-5911.

State policy information and other useful links

For questions about state policy on out-of-home care, please visit the Georgia Division of Family and Children Services website.