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Current Providers

The mission of the Division of Family and Children Services (DFCS) Foster Care program is to strengthen families, protect children from further abuse and neglect and to assure that every child has a permanent family. The private provider community is an important and integral part of DFCS's ability to achieve its mission. The Room Board and Watchful Oversight (RBWO) supports the DFCS mission and provides guidance to Child Caring Institutions and Child Placing Agencies contracted with DFCS.

Resources For Current Providers

Please click on the appropriate check for forms and instructions. For upcoming training information, click on the Training Calendar
The Office of Provider Management hosts trainings for current providers, including the 120-hour RBWO Foundations training for new staff in specified roles, Reasonable and Prudent Parenting, Every Child Every Month (ECEM), and other topics. GA+SCORE also posts training information supplied by other DFCS departments, including IMPACT Train-the-Trainer sessions. OPM may also post registration information for other public and private trainings of interest to RBWO providers.
All approved Georgia Department of Human Services (DHS) policy is available on their Online Directives Information System(ODIS) website under the Manuals, Policies and Procedures heading. Look for Department of Family and Children Services and then Child Welfare.

Frequently Asked Current Provider Questions

Where are the key documents for current providers?
Can I log into GA+SCORE?
How do I log into GA+SCORE?
What is GA SHINES?
For CPAs: How do I remove a foster home member in GA+SCORE?

Upcoming Events


Unpacking IMPACT Module 11

The Georgia Division of Family & Children Services and the Georgia Center for Resources and Support have prepared a training for certified IMPACT leaders ready to deepen their understanding of Module 11: The Hard Conversation: Sexual Abuse and Sexuality.
Attendees will participate in peer conversations to share their training experiences and to gain useful tips about leading this module. The workshop will include a review of the module and provide a deeper discussion on self-awareness and creating classroom psychological safety. The workshop will include ancillary learning resources which support accomplishing the module’s learning objectives.
This workshop is for certified IMPACT leaders. Participants must bring their IMPACT Module 11 to the class. The workshop will include educational discussion and materials that address sexuality and sexual abuse and include sexuality self-awareness activities.
If you have questions or need additional information contact Brenda Gillespie at or 404 929-0401.


IMPACT FCP 5-Day (ocp 204u)

IMPACT Training Space is limited to 20 participants per class. There will be no provision for on-site registration or payment. DFCS supervisors should use the online registration system to register DFCS staff, foster parents, and contractors for this class. Private agencies (including individuals who plan to contract with DFCS in the future) should use this form to register for the class. Please send all class availability inquiries and registration forms to