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Selecting the best placement with the highest performing RBWO provider is possible with the 
The MATCH! E-Tool is a placement search tool that pulls information in real-time from provider's data in GA+SCORE. It was developed to support DFCS case managers in finding RBWO placements. The MATCH! E-Tool does the following:
  • Allows for multiple, flexible search options;
  • Returns results using real-time capacity information on CCIs and CPA foster homes;
  • Sorts by the provider's current Performance Based Placement quarterly grade.
With the MATCH! E-Tool, it's not necessary to call providers to see if they have space available. MATCH! E-Tool returns results for placement matches of providers who actually have space available, in order of their Performance Based Placement grade.
To learn more about placement matching and the MATCH! E-Tool, please watch the following informational webinar:
Before using the MATCH! E-Tool, print the Search Selections here.
For detailed user information about the MATCH! E-Tool, including viewing and sorting results, click here.