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Entering Search Parameters

  • You MUST select a license type (CCI or CPA) first. Search criteria numbers 1 - 6 are required parameters. Search criteria numbers 7 - 9 are optional parameters. To enter an optional criterion, first select "Yes" in the left column to indicate that the criterion should be included in your search, and then select one or more options in the right column.
  • Geographic Search (DFCS Region or Provider Site County): RBWO provider programs with open beds (CCI sites or CPA foster homes) physically located in the selected county or region will be returned. The optional Provider Site County parameter is related to the DFCS Region selected. Only counties in the selected DFCS Regions will be displayed in the county drop down list. will return any RBWO provider program with beds (CCI sites or CPA foster homes) physically located in the county or region.
  • "Select All" Checkbox: Use the "Select All" checkbox to select all options or to clear your choices.

View Report
After you have entered your criteria, click "View Report" on the right side of the screen. Depending on your display settings, you may need to scroll to the right side of the screen to see the "View Report" button.

While viewing the report online, click on the double-headed arrow icons (displayed below each column title) to sort the data by that column. (The city field is used when sorting by Site Address.) Please note: Once a report is exported to another format, such as an Excel spreadsheet or an Adobe PDF file, the sort option may no longer be available.

Export the report to PDF format before printing. Select "Acrobat (PDF) file" from the "Select a format" dropdown, and click "Export". The File Download popup window will allow you to Open or Save the PDF file. To print the report, select Open, and then print from Acrobat. Please note: Exporting to Tiff image format can also be used for printing. Exporting to other available formats is not recommended.

Provider Profile Report
Click on the Provider Name in the search results to view the comprehensive RBWO Provider Profile Report. This report includes pertinent information about each program, such as a full program description, current placement and capacity data, quarterly performance-based contract scoring, admissions/contact information, authorized RBWO program designations and rates, staffing counts by title/position, accreditation status, counties and population served, as well as special programs and services offered.