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State Office CCTU

Welcome to the Care Coordination Treatment Unit (CCTU)
CCTU is a state office function responsible for the facilitation and management of high-end, complex cases of youth in foster care. Its mission is to empower the Division, its youth/families, and partners through education and collaboration; ensuring a holistic and systematic approach to address the behavioral, emotional, medical, and therapeutic needs of Georgia's youth.

Resources For DFCS Staff

Submit Program Designation & Specialty Waivers or Placement Assistance Requests
CCTU processes routine and emergency waiver requests for a variety of needs of children placed in CCIs and CPAs. We also process requests for placement assistance waivers that meet one or more high-end criteria. Browse around the other links in this area to find useful forms and resources. 
  • To learn more about what is required to submit a program designation or specialty waiver request, click here.
  • To learn more about what is required to submit a placement assistance request, click here.
  • To find CCTU-related trainings, visit the Training Calendar.
The MATCH! E-Tool is a placement search tool that pulls information in real-time from provider's data in GA+SCORE. To read more about the tool and begin your search, click here.
Universal Application and Placement Referral Form
Effective February 20, 2017, the new Universal Application and Placement Referral Form serves as the singular document for RBWO Program Designations requests, Specialized Foster Care requests and placement referrals.
RBWO Placement MATCH Tracking Form
The RBWO Placement MATCH Tracking Form, along with the Universal Application noted above, is a required component of making a Placement Assistance Request. To read more about making a formal online request, please click here.
RBWO Provider Profile Guide
The RBWO Provider Profile Guide is a comprehensive directory of all RBWO-contracted Child Placement Agencies (CPAs) and Child Caring Institutions (CCIs). The RBWO Provider Profile Guide is updated quarterly after scoring has occured and Scorecards have been released. The Guide is composed of all RBWO provider profiles and includes the quarterly Performance-Based Placement score/grade, description of services and contact information. Click here to download the full Guide (PDF). Click here to download the MWO Only version (PDF).
RBWO Approved Provider List
Need a simple listing of approved RBWO providers? Click here for a real-time MS Excel download powered by GA+SCORE.
Hoteling Waiver Requests - UPDATE effective 12/12/2017
County Staff: Please click here to read about an important change in the process for submitting hoteling waivers.

Frequently Asked DFCS Questions

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