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CPS/CPSIS/CAR Screening Information

The following documents provide guidance regarding the processing of criminal records checks (CRC) / child protective services (CPS) history checks on prospective foster and adoptive parents, substitute caregivers, and volunteers, as well as decisions as to whether or not employees may perform services under a contract with DHS.

  1. CPA foster families, substitute caregivers, and volunteers should complete the CPS Screening process. Be sure to read the latest "Updates" below prior to submitting your requests, to ensure that they can be processed.
    • For foster families at initial approval, upload the screening form and agency cover letter in GA+SCORE and then email the CPS Screening Unit, following the instructions in the documents below.
    • For foster families at re-evaluation or new household members after a home has been approved, use the Addenda screen in GA+SCORE to submit the screening request; you do not need to email the screening unit.
    • For substitute caregivers and volunteers, email the screening form directly to the unit, following the instructions in the "CPS Screening Requests for Substitute Caregivers/Volunteers" document below.
  2. CCI and CPA agency staff should complete the CPSIS/CARS screening.
    • Prepare a request letter on agency letterhead (sample) and have the information from this form available, although you will not need to upload the form itself.
    • Go to Click "Submit Screening Request" from the top navigation, follow the prompts, and select option #5 (Licensed entities in Georgia for the purpose of employment) on the following screen. Follow the prompts to complete the request.
    • Additional information (for a slightly different version of the website) is available in the "CAR/CPS/PVA Training Materials" link below.

Child Protective Services (CPS) History Request Form and Instructions

  • Applicant Form -- Updated 9/1/2019 (Right click and Save As... for editable PDF)

Updates and Instructions:

Other Helpful Information: