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Updated process for RBWO Foundations e-Learning Registration

The process for registering staff for the e-Learning component of the RBWO Foundations training has changed. Beginning June 2016, provider staff must register for this component through GA+SCORE. To register, log into GA+SCORE, click on the name of the staff person on the orange Staffing screen, move to the purple RBWO Foundations screen, and click the new "Register Staff Member for E-Learning" button. Onscreen instructions will help you to complete all required fields. This process replaces the form that was posted publicly on the homepage of

Once the registration is submitted, the student and supervisor will receive an email documenting the registration. A second confirmation email containing the start and end date and instructions will be sent when the registration is reviewed and approved, typically within a few business days. Staff have 90 days to complete the full e-Learning component and upload the Block Supervision Forms into GA+SCORE.

As a reminder, staff hired prior to 7/1/2016 have six months to complete both the e-Learning and Classroom components of Foundations. Staff hired on or after 7/1/2016 have four months to complete e-Learning and Classroom.

Details about RBWO Foundations are available in the RBWO: Foundations Standards Guide. Answers to some frequently asked questions:

  • Who is required to take this training? This training is for new staff in the roles of Case Support Worker (CSW), Case Support Supervisor (CSS), Human Services Professional (HSP), and Life Coach (LC).
  • Is RBWO Foundations open to staff in other roles? No. OPM provides this training for the above roles only.
  • Does the staff member need a GA+SCORE user account to register for Foundations? No. Anyone with a user account can register a staff person for Foundations; staff do not need to be given accounts to register themselves. However, the registration cannot be submitted unless the staff member is listed on the orange Staffing screen and has a complete purple Profile screen (name, contact information, RBWO role, etc.).
For questions about using GA+SCORE to submit the registration, please contact Care Solutions at For questions about RBWO Foundations requirements or content, please contact OPM's training group at