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Welcome to the DFCS Placement Resource Operations (PRO) Unit

Unit Overview:
The PRO Team is a state office function within the Foster Care Services Section and supports DFCS Case Managers in the identification of appropriate High-End MWO placements. These youth are identified as having serious to severe behavioral, emotional, medical needs and developmental disorders.

RBWO Program Designation, Specialty Waivers and Placement Assistance Requests:
The PRO Team processes routine and emergency waiver requests for a variety of needs of children placed in CCIs and CPAs. We also process requests for placement assistance waivers that meet one or more high-end criteria. For PRO Team Assistance, please contact us at All forms and applications are located on this website.

Ready to submit your request?

PRO Unit On-Call Schedule for October 16 through November 5: 5pm-9am (ONLY)

Dates Pro Specialist Pro Specialist
October 16
October 22
Matashia Collier

October 23
October 29
Gabrielle Starr

October 30
November 05
Becky Kane

Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facility (PRTF)

Inquiries regarding admission, discharge and temporary state-funded waiver requests should be directed to the following PRO Team Specialist for assistance and tracking purposes. On all requests, please carbon copy

PRTF Assignments

PRO Team Specialists

Amerigroup Care Coordinator

Payment Center

Coastal Harbor Treatment Center

Bridgett B. Miller


Tiffany Johnson

Region 10 DFCS Accounting

PO Box 747, Blakely, GA 39823

Fax: 229-724-2038

Stephanie Taylor 229-724-2043

Kim Mitchell, Supervisor


Devereux GA Treatment Network

Sandra Wimbush


Lanitra Wilson

Region 9 DFCS Accounting

PO Box 948, Dublin, GA 31040-0948

Fax: 478-296-6165

Susan Kitchesn 478-296-6164

Mollie Davis, Supervisor



Jennifer Garth


Cody Jean

Region 10 DFCS Accounting

PO Box 747, Blakely, GA 39823

Fax: 229-724-2038

Stephanie Taylor 229-724-2043

Kim Mitchell, Supervisor


Youth Villages

William Wynn


Lanitra Wilson

Region 8 DFCS Accounting

1601 North MLK Jr. Blvd, Suite 110, Americus, GA 31719

Fax: 229-931-6899

Sherry Fontaine 229-931-6896

Kenyatta Jackson, Supervisor


Laurel Heights

Matashia Collier


Tiffany Johnson


Region 2 DFCS Accounting

PO Box 3250, Gainesville, GA 30503

Fax: 770-531-4569

Judy Partin 770-531-4564

Debbie Deacon, Supervisor


Lighthouse Care Center of Augusta Becky Kane


Cody Jean

Region 10 DFCS Accounting

PO Box 747, Blakely, GA 39823

Fax: 229-724-2038

Kim Henderson 229-724-2039

Kim Mitchell, Supervisor


Amerigroup and Georgia Families 360° Program Meetings

The Georgia Department of Community Health is transitioning children, youth and young adults in foster care, children and youth getting adoption assistance and select youth in the juvenile justice system to a single statewide Care Management Organization (CMO) starting March 3, 2014. Amerigroup is the designated statewide CMO responsible for coordinating the care of these children and youth.

The Community Training and Education Department for Georgia Families 360° at Amerigroup is starting its Member and Provider town halls on July 9th, 2015 in Savannah. Additional meetings are scheduled in six sites statewide during the month of July. These sessions are open to CCI and CPA providers, foster parents, and DFCS staff with questions.

For information about locations, dates, and reservations, please click the appropriate link below:

CCI/CPA providers who are also AMG providers (requires RSVP)

Other CCI/CPA providers and foster parents

PROresources - Below are useful resources, with more to come in the near future:

PROfacts - News and Updates

  • The Universal Application (Child Placement Referral Form) is now in Georgia SHINES!
    For DFCS Field Personnel only, the Child Placement Referral Form tab is located in the FCC stage, under the Placement tab. To take full advantage of the pre-population feature of this form, users should ensure that the Person Detail, Health Detail, and Education Detail pages are completed in their entirety prior to launching the form. Many of the fields on the form pre-populate with data already entered in Georgia SHINES. Once the form is completed, save it and submit it here.

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