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E-Blast: PBP Reporting Deadline -- June FY2024 Data

July 5, 2024 8:45 AM

Dear Providers:
July 10th is the deadline for reporting June's PBP data into GA+SCORE and Georgia SHINES. It's also the deadline for reporting any staff training conducted during Q4 (April - June).
Scoring guides are posted on the website under Key Documents and Forms: the FY2024 RBWO Minimum Standards and the current RBWO PBP Measurements and Standards Guide.
A few reminders as you complete your reporting:
  • The count of staff training hours required for PBP is based on the fiscal year. Hours are not rolled over from previous fiscal years. Remember that you must report training hours by the end of the quarter in which they are completed; e.g., hours completed in October must be reported to GA+SCORE by January 10th.
  • If a staff person at your agency changes from an RBWO role that does not require PBP annual training hours to a role that does, please use the "Role End Date" field and select "Reassigned within agency" as the reason, before adding a new record with the updated RBWO role and role start date. Reporting role changes correctly ensures that you do not lose points on the PBP Staff Training measure.
  • Providers must ensure that the SHINES Person ID that appears beside the child's name on your SHINES roster is correctly copied into GA+SCORE in order for you to receive credit for data you report into SHINES. Only one attempt is made to import each month's visits: if the correct SHINES Person ID is not listed in GA+SCORE at the time of the monthly import, visits for that month will not be retrieved later in the contract year.
  • Visits/contacts reported into SHINES - such as ECEMs, general contacts, and permanency contacts with parents - must have the correct purpose and narrative type in order to be credited for PBP. Only approved visits are imported to GA+SCORE.
  • EPSDT medical appointments must be entered into GA+SCORE for your Scorecard to calculate those measures and they must meet the schedule printed in Minimum Standard 6.2.
  • Specialty ILP/TLP providers must report for ILP/TLP measures as well as for CCI measures. (These measures apply only to specialty programs, not to all CCIs and CPAs caring for older children.) ILP/TLP-specific screens include the ILP/TLP Roster under the orange Rosters tab, and the ILP/TLP screen under each child's blue Placements tab.
If you have questions about policy, including PBP measures, please contact OPM. If you have questions about reporting data to GA+SCORE, please contact Care Solutions.
Thank you,
The Office of Provider Management