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Every Child Every Month (ECEM) Initiative

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Project Overview
Georgia is working to meet the new federal mandate requiring more frequent visits to children in care through its "Every Child, Every Month” (ECEM) Initiative. This initiative promotes placement stability and permanency through caseworker/child visits. By October 2011, 90% of children in foster care must be visited by their caseworkers on a monthly basis, with the majority of those visits occurring in the home.   Georgia is well on its way in meeting this mandate through new and revised policy, timely data collection and reporting, and training and technical assistance.
DFCS Policy and Reporting
Click on the following links to read important information regarding the ECEM Initiative, including the Deputy Director's announcement, DFCS policy, and documentation forms:
Training and Technical Assistance
A successful Case Worker Visit (CWV) pilot training was held in February 2008 with selected field program specialists and placement supervisors. Based on overwhelming positive feedback, Georgia is developing its own Georgia-specific curricula and rolling out training statewide through a two-step process.
In September 2009, provider staff attended Train-the-Trainer sessions so that they could prepare their caseworkers to conduct purposeful monthly visits in addition to DFCS's.  Nearly 100 agencies received training through these sessions.
Participant Resources - Updated!
Provider supervisors and caseworkers who attended the ECEM Trainings received a binder of materials as well as a CD of carefully selected resources.  The curriculum was updated for the 2009 Train-the-Trainers sessions.  For your convenience, all the latest materials are collected here.  To download a copy of any of these files, please click on the links below: 
  • Trainer Guide - Notes on presenting the material
  • Participant Binder - Slides, Handouts, Table of Contents
  • Supervisor Binder - Slides, Handouts, Table of Contents, and Acknowledgements Page
  • Job Aid Cards (printable on Avery 5389 cards: front and back) - The Cycle of Conducting Purposeful and Meaningful Caseworker/Child Visits
  • Interview Skills - Children, Children with Disabilities, and Adolescents
  • Safety Checklists - Infants, Toddlers, Pre-schoolers, School-age Children & Early, Middle, and Late Adolescence

      Additional Resources: